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Transparency, reliability, and accessibility. Don't fall for empty promises. Make sure your MMA manager follows through with their word. There is no reason to engage a MMA manager who does nothing but collect a check. Your manager is not your boss nor your employee; rather, it should be a mutually beneficial partnership.

Not everyone needs an MMA manager but everyone could benefit from a good one. Consider where you are in your career, what opportunities are currently available to you, and where you see your future. If you believe you are missing out on financial opportunities because of a lack of representation, it may be time to look for a manager or agent.

No. We currently sign only professional fighters.

No. We are currently exclusive to MMA.

GOAT Worldwide is an "all in-house" team, meaning we take care of every aspect of your MMA career so that you can focus on fighting. If our team cannot directly get something done, we hire the proper people to do it. This allows for all the major components of a successful MMA career (training, marketing, & management) to work together seamlessly. All you have to do is show up to training, while we take care of the rest.

No. We offer access to our facility as a courtesy to our clients. However, we do recommend training at the Goat Shed Academy, as we firmly believe the training is superior and will adequately prepare you for your upcoming fight. Moreover, the expert coaches at Goat Shed Academy work closely with our management team to strategize a personalized training camp.

Please submit the contact form on this page or email our office at apply@goatworldwide.com.

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